Instructions for the use of fungicide ridomil gold for tomatoes and other vegetables

Ridomil Gold is a fungicide used by modern gardeners and gardeners to combat the main fungal diseases of plants. Most often used to protect potatoes, grapes, vegetables.

Composition and purpose of the drug Ridomil Gold

It is used to combat Alternaria, late blight, peronosporosis in vegetables and to destroy mildew on grapevines. The action of the agent does not apply to pathogens of iodium.

Ridomil Gold is available in powder or granule form. They contain 2 active ingredients: mefenoxam and mancozeb. They contribute to the complete protection of the plant: from roots to fruits.

The mechanism of action of the solution

The active effect on infected plants has the 2 above-mentioned components.

  • Mancozeb: settles on the crop during spraying, providing external protection against fungal diseases.
  • Mefenoxam... Acts systemically. After spraying, complete penetration into the plant occurs. The component, moving through the tissues (captures both roots and fruits), protects them from diseases and infections.

Benefits of using

  • With any development of the disease shows high efficiencyb.
  • Able to control development of infection throughout the growing season.
  • After processing, all parts of the plant long-term protected from infection... Even if there was no direct hit on some parts of the plant.
  • Resistant to moisture... The treated plants can be watered in half an hour. Rainstorm rain on the fungicide is also safe.
  • Safe for cropsthat are processed and their "neighbors".
  • Pack with Ridomil Gold convenient to store.

Disadvantages of a fungicide

  • Presents danger to fish and mammals, but not at all dangerous for bees. Therefore, the solution must not be allowed to enter the reservoir. Belongs to hazard class 2. When spraying plants, be sure to use protective equipment: gloves, mask, glasses.
  • Low level environmental safety.
  • Packaging is not conducive economical use.
  • Apply together with other chemicals it is impossible.

Instructions for use for tomatoes and other plants

Ridomil Gold is a drug for modern gardeners, which is used to combat Alternaria, late blight and other fungal infections of plants. Shown especially efficiency when processing tomatoes.

The product is available in water-soluble granules. Non-toxic if you adhere to the dosages indicated in the instructions.

The active substance (mefenoxam) quickly penetrates into all parts of the culture and protects the entire plant from infection for a long time. External protection is provided by mancozeb. Thus, it completely protects the plant from infection both outside and inside.

How to use

The method of application depends on what will be processed:

Flowers... To obtain a solution, use 2.5 g. funds for 1 liter of liquid. First, 150-200 ml of water is poured in and the mixture is thoroughly stirred, after which the rest of the water is added and mixed again.

Vegetables and fruits. 10 gr. the drug is dissolved in 4 liters of water, stirring well before use. Typically, 10 liters of the prepared product is consumed per 1 hundred square meters. Spraying is carried out in dry, sunny weather, without wind. Spraying on leaves and stem should be uniform.

When applied

  • First processing carried out for the purpose of prophylaxis during the growing season.
  • The second is carried out during a period of high risk of late blight (about 2 weeks after the first treatment).
  • 3 processing (if necessary) not earlier than 2 weeks before the harvest reaches.

Do not carry out more than 3 treatments per season. The prepared solution can only be used for 1 day. It cannot be stored longer.

Preparation of working solution

Spray mix prepared with the calculation of 25 gr. preparation for 10 liters of water. If the infection is very strong, then the amount of fungicide should be doubled.

Make sure the tank is clean before preparing the solution. Then pour half of the indicated water (room temperature) and pour out the preparation, mix thoroughly... After the powder has dissolved, add the rest of the water and stir again.

Spraying timing and technique

2-3 treatments are carried out per season, depending on the level of infection. For this, a standard working solution is used.

  • 1st processing - preventive, during active development.
  • 2nd processing - 12-14 days after the first.
  • 3rd processing - 2-3 weeks before harvest.

Spraying is carried out so that the solution is evenly distributed over all parts of the plant.

Experienced gardeners do not advise using Ridomil Gold if there are no signs of infection.

The culture should be sprayed with the drug, not flooded. The solution should not drip from the foliage.

Safety measures when working with the tool

To reduce the level of phytotoxicity to a minimum, you need to carefully study the instructions and use the drug only under the specified conditions. For fish, it is fatal. Always use protective clothing when spraying the solution. There should be no open areas of the body.

In very rare cases, with carelessness, a small part of the drug gets into the skin or into the body. If there is a contact with the skin, the area is thoroughly washed more than once with soap and water. If the agent has entered the body - drink plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately.

Compatibility with other drugs

The possibility of the simultaneous use of Ridomil Gold with other antifungal drugs depends on the reaction when combined. If mixing gives an alkaline reaction, then it is forbidden to use them at the same time.... If the mixed substances are neutral, you can find out about their compatibility from the instructions.

Storage conditions and shelf life

  1. Fungicide is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature. In the yard, where there is access to the drug for people, animals, it cannot be stored. For this, a secluded place in a closed room is selected. So that the product does not quickly lose its active properties, put the opened bag in another one so that moisture does not penetrate to the drug.
  2. Fireproof. The qualities of the fungicide can be maintained for 3 years from the date of production.


Elena. There was panic because I could not find an effective remedy for late blight. More than one remedy has been tried. But only after using Ridomil Gold, the desired result was obtained.

Michael. I have been using the drug for the second year already. He became a real salvation for my vineyard. The effect appeared almost immediately.

Vladimir. I am a farmer. I have already made sure that I use one of the most effective fungicides. He will help out those who, in despair for more than one year, have been looking for a reliable tool for a garden.

Natalia. The result is noticeable almost immediately. I think a big plus is that the plants are not afraid of moisture immediately after processing. A possible disadvantage is increased phytotoxicity.

Alexander... An effective product at an affordable price, easy to use.

When used correctly Ridomil Gold will help every gardener and farmer to preserve plants and fruits healthy.

The drug Ridomil Gold

To protect garden and garden crops from fungal infections, drugs are used, which are called fungicides. One of the most common is Ridomil Gold. It has earned the trust of many summer residents due to its high efficiency and ease of use.

Let's get acquainted with the fungicide Ridomil Gold, its features, instructions for use and reviews of gardeners and gardeners.

Composition of the preparation

The drug Ridomil Gold is a quality fungicide for treating grapes against fungal diseases.

Grapes have a tendency, like other plants, to fungal diseases.

Ridomil Gold is indicated for grapevine mildew disease.

If you do not process the grapes on time, the disease will affect the entire plant.

Not only foliage, but also the fruits of grapes suffers from a fungal disease.

Spraying with the drug is recommended to be carried out in the morning or evening in calm weather.

The drug is a systemic contact antifungal agent.

Sold in specialized stores in small bags with a capacity of twenty-five grams. But you can also find other packaging - packages of one and five kilograms.

There are two forms of release - powder and granules.... Active substances mancozeb and metalaxil... At the same time, mancozeb makes up sixty-four percent of the total weight, metalaxil - eight percent.

Mechanism of action

Do not allow the solution to drip over the treated surface.

The mechanism of action of the drug consists of introducing into the culture, creating a barrier to the penetration of fungal spores throughout the entire area of ​​the plant - from the root system to the fruits and antennae.

A kind of protective film forms on the surface of the entire green part of the bush. At the same time, the active ingredients gradually create a stable, but very short-term immunity to the fungus.


The drug Ridomil Gold is a therapeutic and prophylactic agent.

The short-term action of the remedy is explained not by the properties of the drug itself, but by weather conditions.

Rain, hail gradually wash off the protective film, so you have to process it again.

It is noteworthy that the means of a narrow focus, that is, it protects against mildew, but oidium disputes do no harm.

The constituents

The active ingredients in the preparation help to cure the plant.

  • Mancozeb is a chemicalbelonging to the dithiocarbamate class. The mechanism of action is in contact with the top layer of the plant.
  • Metalaxil is a phenylamide agentaffecting the "insides" of the bush. Penetrates into the tissue of the trunk, branches, leaves, shoots.

Regulations for the use of fungicide Ridomil Gold for crop protection

Application regulations for potatoes, grapes, onions (excluding onions per feather), cucumbers and tomatoes in the open field.

2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5
Working fluid consumption, l / ha 300-500 800-1000 300-500 800 300-500
Harmful object late blight, alternaria mildew peronosporosis peronosporosis late blight, alternaria
Mode of application spraying
14 (3) 21 (4) 15 (3) 5 (3) 10 (4)
for hand
7 (3) 7 (3) 7 (3) 7 (3) 7 (3)

Advantages and disadvantages

The drug Ridomil is good as a preventive and therapeutic agent. The application involves the destruction of diseases that are classified as fungal infections. But there is also a second side of the coin - negative impact. The severity of the flaws is great. Therefore, before you start using them, you will need to study them:

  1. The phytotoxicity of the drug may increase. This is due to the compacted application schedule. Also, long-term and repeated application suggests intoxication or overdose. Consequences: oppression of the growth and development of culture.
  2. The product is based on carbamates. This leads to one of the most significant disadvantages: accumulation in fruits, soil.
  3. After the introduction of Ridomil, natural growth accelerators, yield increases do not work.
  4. After treatment, the infected areas will have neither pathogenic nor useful microelements, soil fungi.
  5. Cannot be stored after unpacking. If opened for application, then it must be used immediately.
  6. Toxic. Hazard class - 2. Not used during the flowering period, as it eliminates pollinators (bees, bumblebees, wasps). The nearest apiary can be located no closer than three kilometers from the processing site.

Provided that the agrarian adheres to the recommendations, avoids violations, positive results will not be long in coming. So, as advantages, one can call the use at all stages of the development of the disease. The effect will be visible after the second application to the object.

It is enough to apply once to the plant, and fungal diseases cannot develop during the growing season. The applied preparation Ridomil penetrates through the pores into the parts of the plant, and does not just cover it with a crust (as in most cases of using substances of this class). In addition, it is noted that:

  • fungicide can be stored for a long time due to good packaging design
  • does not affect the development of plants and crops that are nearby. Perform protective functions
  • moisture does not affect the absorption of the fungicide. The drug is quickly absorbed and watering can be carried out literally in 30-45 minutes
  • the duration of the effect, even if not all parts of the culture were covered with Ridomil during treatment.

Characteristics of the drug Ridomil Gold

Ridomil Gold contains mancozeb and metalaxil. These substances are excellent at eliminating the fungus, additionally protecting the green parts of the plant. A positive effect on the quality of fruits, berries, tubers has been noticed. After processing, it decomposes in the soil in a short time.

Rust, mildew, powdery mildew are just a few diseases that Ridomil Gold is able to defeat.

Production: Switzerland, firm Syngenta (Syngenta). There are 2 packaging options for individual use - packages of 25 and 50 grams. For larger-scale production, packages from 1 kg are provided.


Application of the drug

Before making a working solution, you need to make sure that the container (sprayer) is clean and there are no residues of other pesticides in it. As the standard instructions for use say - 25 grams are diluted in 10 liters of water. active active ingredient.

It is necessary to prepare the solution immediately before the procedure, since time only worsens its quality. The flow rate of the working fluid is approximately 300 liters per 1 ha. If grapes are sprayed, then the consumption increases by 2 times.

Processing vegetables

It is best to use a spray for tomatoes and cucumbers in the morning or evening, when the sun is still below the horizon. Also, it is advisable to choose the weather without precipitation and wind for the procedure. The absence of wind will protect healthy crops from the ingress of pesticides.

The drug is used not only when the plant is faced with a disease, but also for preventive purposes. If the culture is already infected with a pathogen, then the primary treatment is carried out with any curative fungicide. A week after the initial spraying, you can spray the vegetables again, but using the fungicide Ridomil Gold.

Then, after 7 days, the vegetables are treated again with contact fungicides. When performing the procedure, do not spare the solution. It is necessary to spray intensively so that the leaf surface is covered with the preparation. It is best to use a spray bottle, as it scatters the solution very finely over the surface of the plant, which prevents the substance from flowing into the soil. After preparing the working mixture, it should be used within 3 hours. If not, then it will be disposed of.

Grape processing

When processing grapes for preventive purposes, such a solution is used: 25 grams are poured into 10 liters of water. active component.Less often, the concentration is allowed to be doubled, but such a solution is used only for severe fungal invasions.

10 liters is enough to process 1 weave. The procedure should be carried out in calm, dry weather.

When spraying, it is important that the solution spreads evenly on the surface of the crop.

The instructions for use indicate that the grapes are processed during the active growing season, before the appearance of the first 4 leaves and 14 days after flowering. However, in the latter case, Horus is used. The interval between treatments is 2 weeks. The maximum number of treatments is 4.

It is also worth noting that Ridomil Gold cannot be combined with other fungicides, therefore it is not worth mixing it with other, even similar pesticides. Only alternating is allowed.

Potato processing

Unlike other fungicides that are used to treat potatoes, Ridomil does not need to be sprayed into the hole. The tops are sprayed. The active substance mefenoxam enters the plant through its tops and protects the root crop from the inside.

After the treatment of potatoes with a pesticide, the protective properties of Ridomil persist for 2 weeks. After, re-processing is carried out

It is very important to consider the factor of prevention. If you use the solution for prophylactic purposes, even before the disease is affected, then 100% will be able to avoid severe invasions

The crop is treated for the first time during the growing season. This treatment is of a preventive nature. Further, if desired, the procedures can be repeated at intervals of 2 weeks. The maximum number of treatments is 3.

Onion and garlic processing

To protect these crops, use the following solution: add 10 g to 100 ml of water. active substance. All this is stirred well until completely dissolved. Then add another 4 liters of water and stir the liquid again well. When processing onions and garlic, about 10 liters are consumed per 100 m2. As with other crops, treatments are carried out in calm weather and when there is no rain. The maximum number of treatments is 3.

You can eat garlic or onions only 14-20 days after the last procedure.

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