Wastewater treatment plants Unilos "Astra" series

Unilos stations of the "Astra" series - waste water treatment at your site

EcoLife Company
Address: St. Petersburg, st. Mendeleevskaya, 9A
Telephone: +7 (812) 600-44-04
EcoLife is a small team of professionals in the field of installation work of utilities for suburban construction. The main principles of our company are honesty, openness and quality. We love what we do and put our soul into it. Our mission is to bring coziness and comfort to your home.
We never impose anything, we offer you a wide range of products and try to satisfy your needs to the maximum.

You can always buy sewerage from us Biodeca, wastewater treatment plant Unilos Astra, Topas, Alta Bio, Rostock and accessories for them.

Unilos stations of the "Astra" series:

Proven over the years and experience
- the manufacturing company was founded in 1992
- more than 10,000 installations
- represented in 48 regions of Russia
Reliable and comfortable
- classic design of a biological treatment plant
- thick walls
- service does not require a call for a flusher or additional equipment
Installed in any conditions
- does not require anchoring
- regardless of the groundwater level
- on any soil (sand, clay, quicksand, etc.)

Characteristics of Unilos Astra series wastewater treatment plants

Model nameManufacturing
m3 / day
Number of usersSalvo discharge
liter / hour
Depth of the supply pipe
Unilos Astra 30,61-31506010,822,03
Unilos Astra 3Pr0,61-31506010,822,03
Unilos Astra 514-6250601,0412,36
Unilos Astra 5Pr14-6250601,0412,36
Unilos Astra 5 Midi14-6250901,0412,5
Unilos Astra 5Pr Midi 14-6250901,0412,5
Unilos Astra 81,67-9350601,51,042,36
Unilos Astra 8Pr1,67-9350601,51,042,36
Unilos Astra 8 Midi1,67-9350901,51,042,5
Unilos Astra 8Pr Midi1,67-9350901,51,042,5
Unilos Astra 10210-135506021,042,36
Unilos Astra 10Pr210-135506021,042,36
Unilos Astra 10 Midi210-135509021,042,5
Unilos Astra 10Pr Midi210-135509021,042,5

Buy wastewater treatment plant Unilos "Astra" series, +7 (812) 600-44-04

Septic tank for dacha Tver-1,2P

  • Delivery cost up to 50 km from MKAD -
    4 000 rub.
  • Delivery cost over 50 km from MKAD - 30 RUB / km

Specifications Tver-1.2P

  • Number of conditional users 6
  • Productivity 1.2 m3 / day
  • Consumed email energy 60 kW / day
  • Dump type gravity
  • Inset depth 10 - 30 cm
  • Salvo discharge 450 l
  • Depth of occurrence 30 cm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 2.8x1.1x1.67 m
  • Weight 200 kg

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