Hanging pots

How to choose a hanging planter

The trend in vertical gardening of plots, that is, the use of suspended compositions, is gaining more and more popularity, because it makes it possible to maximally decorate the landscape with a minimum area of ​​the plot. It is easy and not burdensome to take care of plants in pots, because there is no need to fight weeds, dig and weed, and an amateur gardener can admire the result of his labor already in the first year of his activity.

Do-it-yourself hanging pots for flowers from a bar:

  • pick up bars with a side of 3-5 cm and a length of 15-20 cm (you need 24 pieces for one product)
  • fold them in a checkerboard pattern, giving the shape of a cube, and fasten with self-tapping screws
  • tie a strong rope to the upper bars - the deliberately rough planter is ready.

This flower pot is ideal for setting up a rustic plot.

Benefits of hanging annual flower gardens

There is nothing difficult about creating hanging gardens. In fact, this is an ordinary potted garden, just moved into hanging baskets. Of course, in order to achieve the effect of a full-fledged ensemble and implement the idea, you will have to pay attention to the choice of ampelous plants and containers, but difficulties in the process of creating hanging gardens should not arise even for novice flower growers. Indeed, from a practical point of view, these are just the same garden ampels grouped into one composition.

Hanging gardens made from annuals have many advantages:

  1. They save space and bring lush landscaping to any corner of the garden without taking away the "living" space of classic objects.
  2. These are some of the most original vertical landscaping options.
  3. They allow you to show imagination and expand your horizons, try different color combinations, study the play of textures or textures, set up experiments, which can then be transferred to large flower beds and flower beds from summer gardens.
  4. This is an excellent object for trial and error, learning and learning about plants, not taking away even a small piece of soil in the horizontal dimension.
  5. Effectively masking, such hanging compositions allow you to hide any flaws in walls, structures, and unattractive objects.
  6. Hanging gardens always look a little fabulous: cascades of luxurious summer houses in a group of living clouds and waterfalls affect the perception of the garden dozens of times stronger than simple ampels. They create a complete feeling of drowning in colors and colors, isolation from the whole world, immersion in communication with wildlife in the most beautiful embodiment. Hanging ensembles are the choice for romantics and fans of lush pastoral compositions.

Annual flowers in hanging pots.

Creating a sense of an abundance of flowers, massive and lush landscaping, even solemn, such hanging gardens offer a fresh look at vertical gardening, or rather, at the possibility of seasonal decoration in the vertical plane. Unlike the classic approach that uses annual vines - both classic morning glories or sweet peas, and more original kobei or black-eyed ones - the creation of hanging or vertical gardens from summer houses allows you not to be tied to a place on the terrace, platform, path in general and not even take up a minimal area. achieving the same effect.

But one should not forget about the minor - and often decisive - lack of hanging gardens. Such a project is suitable only for those who are very fond of ampels and cannot imagine a garden without luxurious blooming clouds. And only to those gardeners who are ready both for considerable expenses and for the fact that the hanging ensemble will have to be carefully cared for. Like a simple potted garden, a hanging plant garden requires constant daily watering, fertilizing, and the removal of wilting flowers. And with a lack of time or a desire not to waste extra energy, it will not work to create such a composition.

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Features of Porous Hanging Containers

You can provide good air access to the roots of plants using a hanging planter made of clay or wood. However, one must remember that such mini-flower beds need to be watered more often. Plants can be planted in pots of this type immediately without an additional pot. Ivy and ferns feel very good in such a container. Ceramics is considered the most suitable material for plants, but when choosing such a hanging planter, you need to take into account its rather significant weight, so it must be fixed more reliably than pots made of other materials. Naturally, the design style of the pots is of great importance when choosing, because it should overlap with the surrounding space. Bright, lush varieties of flowers will look better in a neutral-colored container, and it is better to plant simple greens in an original pots with forging and ornaments.

When choosing a hanging planter, it is worth considering the shape and size of the plant for which the planter is actually intended. It is better to plant a tall palm tree in a rectangular container; for flowers with spreading branches and lush foliage, a pots in the shape of a trapezoid or cone are suitable. But for such an unusual geometric shape, special additives will be needed - wool or paper pulp, coconut fiber, straw, moss or foam. If you want to grow a whole composition of colorful plants, you should choose a large-diameter planter. In original pots, you can grow not only flowers, but also vegetables and fruits, as well as fragrant herbs and Provencal herbs.

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