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The Vriesea plant (Latin Vriesea), or Frizee, belongs to the genus of herbaceous epiphytes of the Bromeliad family, whose homeland is South and Central America. Today, Vriezia grows in the wild on the rocks and trees of Central America and the West Indies, as well as in the forests of South America as far as Argentina and Brazil. The genus has about two hundred and fifty species, many of which are valued for their brightly colored bracts and are grown as indoor plants. The genus got its name in 1843 in honor of the Dutch scientist Willem Henrik de Vries, a famous researcher of flora.

List of plants starting with the letter F: indoor, garden and garden - garden and vegetable garden

Heliotrope is a garden flower that is gaining popularity every year. Heliotrope attracts attention with lush caps of inflorescences of small bright purple flowers. The bloom of heliotrope is accompanied by a pleasant aroma similar to vanilla baked goods. The beautiful bloom of heliotrope is complemented by the decorative foliage of this plant, the leaves have a rich green tone and a wrinkled velvety surface.

Modern heliotrope varieties are distinguished by a compact plant shape and early flowering.... When grown through seedlings when sown in late February - early March heliotrope blooms in June... Blooming of heliotrope continues all summer, the plant forms lateral shoots with new inflorescences, in August it turns into a lush blooming bush.

Kermer - unpretentious, bright flower - dried flower for the garden

The fashion for flowers, as for things, often returns. Statice or immortelle, so called beautiful flowers - dried flowers, which have been known to gardeners for a long time. Also, this plant has other names - kermek and limonium... The genus Limonium used to belong to the Kermekov family, and now to the Pig family.

Now the interest of flower growers is returning to the statice, these species attract attention with the original shape of the inflorescences, bright colors and simple cultivation techniques.

The most famous species Kermek Notched (Limonium sinuatum).

Beautiful autumn flowers

If the autumn garden does not make you happy, use three perennials that bloom in September to decorate flower beds.

These three incredibly beautiful garden plants have a special delicate charm, these flowers fit perfectly into any garden arrangement.

Badan - transplant and care

Badan is a perennial garden plant that remains decorative all year round, the leaves of the badan winter and come out green from under the snow. Badan is unpretentious, does not require maintenance, and is great for decorating shady places where other flowers do not take root. Badan is also suitable for decorating an alpine slide, rocky garden and for making mixborders from perennial garden plants.

Badan is also called Bergenia. The genus Bergenia belongs to the saxifrage family and includes only about 10 species. In gardening, two types are mainly used - heart-leaved berry and thick-leaved berry. These two species are very similar, winter-hardy, as they grow in the regions of Siberia.

Unpretentious annual flowers top 10

All growers are looking for the most beautiful and unpretentious flowers. With annuals, we decorate flowerpots, boxes, small variable flower beds on the site.

I want to share my list of successful annuals that pleased me in 2020, I will definitely grow them next year.

Lily transplant after flowering

Beautiful graceful lilies are unpretentious flowers, they bloom magnificently in one place for 5-6 years, and then require transplantation and division of the propagated bulbs.

If the lily flowers begin to grow smaller, there are few buds, many thin peduncles grow from one place, which means that the bulbs have become cramped, they do not have enough space and nutrition for full flowering. You need to dig this nest of bulbs, divide and plant at a distance, in a new place. After transplanting, lilies will bloom magnificently with renewed vigor.

Morning glory ding ding

Morning glory ding ding or Mina lobata is a luxurious curly liana with a bright unusual flowering. Liana has powerful growth, with the help of this plant you can create green arches and curtains in the garden, decorate gazebos and walls.

Ipomoea ding ding has original three-lobed leaves. Stems are thin, growing shoots of red-brown color, they twine around any thin support - branches or stretched twine.

Katarantus - a flower for a flower bed and for a house

Katarantus is one of my favorite annuals for flower beds. In this article I will tell you about the advantages of this plant, for which I appreciate it and how I grow catharanthus from sowing to planting in the ground.

Catharanthus blooms in the flowerbed all summer until the first frost in autumn... This plant always remains decorative, pleases with emerald shiny greenery and uniform bright flowering.

Katarantus is also called pink periwinkle... Its flowers are small, but bright, like stars flashing against the background of beautiful shiny leaves. You can buy seeds with a variety of flower colors: pink with a red center, cherry with a white center, white with a pink center, purple. Unfortunately, from the seeds of the Aelita company with a mixture of colors, I got plants with only the same type of pink flowers.

What flowers for seedlings to sow in November.

For seedlings in November, you need to sow flowers with a very long period of development from germination to the beginning of flowering. Such plants, when sown in November, will begin to bloom in spring, then they will delight with their beauty all summer, and if they are sown at the end of winter, they will bloom in the second half of summer and their beauty period will be much shorter.

What flowers to sow for seedlings in November:

Hydrangea tree-like - pruning, planting and care.

Treelike hydrangea was planted by my mother 20 years ago and still this shrub pleases us with beautiful flowering from July to September. Many people call the hydrangea tree "rustic" shrub. Yes, this species is not as elegant as the panicle hydrangea, the inflorescences of the tree hydrangea do not turn purple or blue, but this hydrangea has other advantages.

Firstly, which is important for our climate, the tree hydrangea is quite winter-hardy and tolerates winters without any shelter.... In the fall, this hydrangea can not be cut off, not covered, and in the spring, if the shoots freeze, you just need to cut them to healthy buds. In snowless winters, it happened that the branches of the hydrangea froze to the ground, but the bush quickly recovered, throwing out shoots from the roots and flowering was no worse than usual.

Treelike hydrangea blooms on the shoots of the current year, therefore, after winter, the loss of branches on the bush does not affect in any way.

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