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Bach flowers should absolutely not be stored in the refrigerator for two reasons: the refrigerator generates electrostatic fields that could interfere with the vibrations of the remedies and then because, being essences obtained thanks to heat, the cold would inactivate their properties.

They should be placed at a distance of at least two meters from cell phones or laptops, computers, televisions and all household appliances in general, this because electronic and electrical devices generate electromagnetic fields that could temporarily inactivate the vibrational charge of Bach flowers.

It is also advisable not to keep the bottles on (for example in the pockets of clothes) or keep them on the bedside table during the night's rest. In both cases, interactions could be generated between the person's energy field and the remedy that could make its action ineffective. If we have to take the remedy to the office we can put it in the bag keeping the mobile phone in the pocket and trying not to keep the bag in contact with the body for too long.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

Bach flowers for the elderly

The feelings, fears, emotions and anger that the elderly feel in this moment of emergency are innumerable. I am also in this age group and I try in my own way to help those in difficulty with the help of Bach flowers.

For a state of depression

13 - Gorse it helps to reactivate hope and the desire to fight and heal, with a positive impact on the immune system.

16 - Honey Suckle: often the elderly are invaded by a nostalgia for the past, an obsessive regret, Honeysuckle activates greater planning and the ability to live in the present.

37 - Wild Rose: it is a very energetic remedy that helps unlock a great reaction force and restores vitality and the ability to live in the present to the elderly.

21 - Mustard: THE FLOWER OF DEPRESSION episodic and for no apparent reason, in the cyclical melancholies: desire to cry, sadness and anguish. When you are taken by a malaise, physical and mental exhaustion, Mustard brings back joy and the will to live. It is used when you are in a tunnel and you do not see the light "the dark night of the soul".

30 - Sweet Chestnut: when it seems that the mind or body has reached the extreme limit of endurance and must give up. In the crucial moments of a crisis, Sweet Chestnut restores hope and light, opens up new horizons.

Flowers for the anxious elderly person

It is the elderly who live in a situation of extreme mental stress, they believe that even God has forgotten them, that they need a breath of fresh air to resume living with hope, they believe they are lost and isolated, with no hope of salvation.

Anxiety seems to arise precisely in relation to the fact of being elderly.

2 – Aspen : recommended to the the elderly are invaded by generalized anxiety, with a sense of restlessness, agitation, disturbed sleep, strong emotionality.

1 - Agrimony: it serves the anxious elderly person who tends to repress, to remove conflicting emotions, to somatize his experiences. His unexpressed emotions are often accompanied by nervous tics and psychosomatic disturbances.

These two remedies unleash a great energetic response force, activate calm and clarity in dealing with difficult situations in life.

I worked for 25 years in the hospital as a nurse in various departments. I attend a 3-year course in Volunteering at the Catholic University in Milan. I am a Naturopath at the psychosomatic school of RIza, with a Master's degree at the University of Milan. Master in herbal medicine at the RIZA-Milan school. Specialization in Flower Therapy (Bach Flowers) with dr. Ricardo Orosco. I become a Teacher of Infant Massage at the AIMI Association of Bologna. Specialization in Infant Massage at the LILLAOM Ayurvedic school in Milan. In collaboration with Mara riganti, I wrote a book dedicated to parents and children: “the caterpillar and the butterfly”. I am also the author of the book BEN. BE WITH BACH FLOWERS.


We can all be irritable and impatient at times, we want everything right away and we get nervous when things don't go our way. The positive potential of Impatiens is to think and act less hastily and handle all problems with ease and diplomacy. Used in the Rescue Remedy®.

Used with confidence for over 80 years and developed by Dr. Bach

The 38 essences of the Original Bach® Flowers each correspond to a different emotional state, and all together form a system that, in his opinion, would cover the entire range of human emotional experience.

In Edward Bach's system, simplicity is essential: he wanted everyone to be able to understand which remedy was useful in the specific situation and why. He classified the remedies into seven emotion-based groups to further help you find the most suitable remedy or personal blend. If you need help choosing the right essence for you, try our Create your own blend page.

Our products are the only remedies that use flower essences sourced directly from Mount Vernon, the home of Edward Bach. To make sure you are purchasing the highest quality products, look for Dr. Bach's signature on the packaging - a guarantee seal indicating that the product is derived from flowers from the original gardens or locations indicated by Dr. Bach himself.

Anyone can use the original, completely natural Bach® Flower essences at any time of the day.

How should I take Original Bach® Flowers?

Bach® Original Flowers are natural remedies that you can take in different ways ...

Can essences be added to water?

You can take the essences directly from the bottle or add them to the water ...

How can I be sure that I am buying real Original Bach® Flowers?

When buying Original Bach® Flowers, always look for Dr. Bach's signature on the package.

How long will it take to start feeling a difference?

We are all different from each other. Your closest friend may get immediate results from Original Bach® Flowers and feel revitalized, while others may take longer

Take a single essence according to your needs, or create a combination of up to seven essences with a mixing bottle.

Add 2 drops of essence to the water and sip it periodically. Alternatively, pour 2 drops into a 30ml mixing bottle with still mineral water and take 4 drops at least 4 times a day.

Sold in a handy dropper bottle.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Always read the label.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking Bach flowers.

This product contains alcohol. If you are taking medications that are contraindicated with alcohol, consult your doctor before taking this product.

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Don't say too much in conversations with others don't appear in need of attention.

Water Violet

Connect with the people around you.

How to store Bach flowers

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What are Bach flowers?

They are a simple and natural method of care through the use of some varieties of wild flowers. These remedies take into account the personality disorders of the patient rather than the individual physical condition and were studied by Edward Bach (1886-1936) in the 1930s. Bach's discoveries represented a new approach to medicine and can be summarized as follows:no matter what the patient suffers from in his body (be it asthma or athlete's foot) the root cause of this condition can be eradicated if the imbalance that is in the patient's psyche can be traced back and rebalanced. Treating the sick as a whole and not the disease is the key concept of holistic and natural medicine.The single flower would then cure the psychological disorder that caused or could cause a certain physical discomfort. Behind every physical disturbance there would be "a river of energy", originating at a psychological level; consequently, every psychosomatic disturbance, caused by the release of energy, would correspond, upstream, to a very specific psychological disturbance. It was thanks to this concept, together with his sensitivity and a great love for his fellow men, that led Dr. Bach to develop his theory in the early years of the last century. On the basis of these principles, 38 basic "behavioral types" have been identified, which would correspond to 37 flowers and a spring water, whose energy would be able to heal the organism, bringing it back into harmony. symptoms.

How many Bach flowers are there?

The remedies found by Bach are 38 divided into seven groups, depending on the type of underlying discomfort. These groups include all possible forms of fear, rejection of reality, loneliness, restlessness, anxiety, despondency and discouragement. Since what characterizes people's physical disorders is not so much the type of disorder or symptom, but essentially the psychological condition that created it, it is evident that by treating the deep disorder we are also treating the physical disease, because this is only the latest expression of disharmonious forces that have been acting in the depths of our soul for too long.

The remedies found by Bach, as already said, are 38, divided into seven groups, or "families", according to the type of underlying discomfort and he arrived at this classification after a careful observation of human nature and more specifically from observation how different people react to suffering from illness or under stress. There are two types of remedies: the Type Remedies which are related to the characteristic type of personality e the Help Remedies which are related to the transitory state of the psyche. The latter describe conditions that are not the essence of a person's character, but which strongly influenced him. According to Bach it is not in the plant but in the flower that the healing quality is found, because the flower manifests a more subtle form of life energy. This energy is extracted in an extremely shrewd and simple way. A thin glass container is filled with pure water. Flowers in sufficient quantity and at maximum flowering are collected on the spot, without being touched with the hands, and without being wet by dew, and are left to float on the water to cover the surface. The container is left in the sun for 3- 4 hours or less if buds tend to fade. Subsequently the flowers are removed and the liquid obtained, after being filtered, is poured into a container with the same volume of brandy which acts as a preservative. Some remedies such as Chestnut Bud or Willow cannot be prepared in this way but are obtained by boiling the selected parts for 30 minutes in pure water, then filtered and the result is preserved as described above. As for Rock Water, since it is simple water from a rocky source, just collect this water in the usual container (without touching it with your hands), leave it for 3-4 hours in the sun and then stretch it with brandy, as we said before. . Through a dilution process the various remedies are obtained which are available in 10 ml bottles. Bach gave the name of "The Twelve Healers" to the first remedies he discovered and promptly began experimenting on his patients. He later found another 26 remedies, so in total there are 38 remedies that can be chosen as either Type Remedies or Help Remedies. Bach died the day after discovering the 38th flower remedy. In addition to the "twelve healers" we have the "7 aids"and i"19 assistants". The subdivision according to moods includes 7 groups:

for fears and worries:

Rock Rose, Mimulus, Cherry Plum, Aspen, Red Chestut

for insecurities and doubts:

Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Wild Oat

due to insufficient interest in the present circumstances:

Clematis, Honeysuckle, Wild Rose, Olive, White Chestnut, Mustard, Chestnut Bud

Water Violet, Impatiens, Heather

for excessive sensitivity to ideas and influences:

Agrimony, Centaury, Walnut, Holly

for depression, despondency, dejection:

Larch, Pine, Elm, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Willow, Oak, Crab Apple

for the excessive care of the well-being of others:

Chicory, Vervain, Vine, Beech, Rock Water

The emergency remedy, called Rescue Remedy, is instead a blend of five flowers, which would be useful on the occasion of very strong psycho-physical stress, situations of sudden and great tension, panic crises and in any case in all those "limit" conditions in which the body. It consists of a blend of:

Star of Bethlehem, against the sudden shock

Rock Rose, against panic and terror

Impatiens, to restore calm

Clematis, against the tendency to give in, the feeling of distancing just before fainting

Cherry Plum, against the fear of losing control

How are Bach flowers administered?

Once you have identified your "flowers", you need to prepare the mixture: in a 30 ml bottle with dropper, put about a tablespoon of good brandy or cognac or apple cider vinegar (substances that have the function of preserving and stabilizing the dilution) , and is filled with non-carbonated mineral water: lastly, two drops are added for each flower you want to use! This is the solution from which the patient takes the daily dose which consists of 4 drops at least 4 times a day (in the morning as soon as he wakes up on an empty stomach, at least half an hour before lunch, in the afternoon and in the evening before falling asleep) for a time period ranging from a few weeks to 2 months. The flowers can be held under the tongue for a few seconds or swallowed directly. The frequency of intake can be even higher than four times a day, in this case there is no contraindication. Obviously our body, in order to get better, sometimes requires more frequent intakes during the day. There are no contraindications or dangers of any kind, simply, if we choose the wrong remedy we do not cure the psychological problem and therefore nothing will happen, because Bach flowers act only if they find something to act on. It is also worth remembering that the most serious and serious problems require medical intervention and that, in any case, Bach flowers can be combined with medical therapy without any contraindications.

We also remember to keep Bach Flowers (both tinctures and dilutions) absolutely at least one meter away from sources of electromagnetic fields and microwaves, even if turned off (cell phones, computers, clock radios, etc.) because this type of waves would disturb one's own vibration. of the flower, making it useless.

How to store Bach flowers

Bach flowers they are part of an alternative medicine conceived by the British doctor Edward Bach.

He argued the need for this form of therapy to be simple and accessible to all, as in his opinion anyone would have the potential and sensitivity necessary to carry out self-diagnosis and self-practice. He also argued that the therapy should be preventive and free from side effects.

To support Bach's flower therapy is the principle according to which, in the treatment of a person, only his emotions and personality must be taken into consideration, which would determine the symptom manifested in the physical: the single flower would be able to give the way to the transformation process of the negative emotion into its positive trait, with a consequent disappearance of the physical symptom, the latter being considered the final disturbance of a discomfort originating at another, much deeper level.

1) Preparation of the flower mix

The bottle of the mix can contain a maximum of 7 flowers, otherwise the effectiveness of the individual flowers would decrease significantly. If more than 7 flowers are offered, it means that the person who is recommending you is inexperienced and will put a bit of everything into it.

The mix of Flowers will be provided with a dropper, so the intake is very simple: 4 drops, no matter if on or under the tongue, 4 times a day ... simple ... 4 drops, no less because they would lose effectiveness and no more because they would be useless.

3) When to take the drops?

You can take the flowers whenever you like, the important thing is to distance one intake from the other so that a few hours pass.

4) How to store the flowers?

The mix of Flowers contains a small amount of Brandy which has the function of preserving the preparation, in this way we can safely keep the bottle of the mix in the bag and take it everywhere without problems, vice versa if the mix for any reason is prepared without alcohol then it must be kept in the refrigerator otherwise it loses its effectiveness.

5) Interactions with medicines

Bach flowers do not cause any interaction with medicines, whether they are allopathic medicines or homeopathic remedies.

6) Do Flowers produce allergies?

The preparation of the Mother Tincture of the Flowers takes place without the use of parts of the plant or of the flower that can cause allergic states, in the Bach Flowers there is no presence of pollen, Bach Flowers cannot be combined with any other plant which can commonly cause allergy.

7) Who can they be used by?

Flowers are for everyone. Infants can be given the drops of Flowers in the bottle together with milk or water or herbal tea or juice, children who are already used to eating with a spoon can put the 4 drops in the spoon, while children older children will take the Flowers directly with the dropper. Elderly people will find great benefit from the use of flowers, just explain what they are and that they should not be indicated directly by the doctor. As for pregnant women, there are absolutely no problems in taking Fiori, on the contrary they solve many emotions related to their particular state.


Acute and chronic inflammation of the pancreas. In psychosomatic language the subject chews his own organ (self-digestion) and this action is dictated by a strong self-directed aggression. In it the substances that are used to attack food are produced or inhibited, therefore it is the control unit that controls our defense methods: attack or escape. A high level of stress directly affects the vegetative activity of this gland.

Unexpressed anger blocks large portions of the digestive system such as, for example, salivary, gastric and pancreatic secretion. The exchange of substances often stops, severe pains also appear.
Generally, the patient suffering from pancreatitis was severely punished as a child and taught to be a good child and not to show anger or bad thoughts. Feelings of vulnerability and revenge have never been worked out resulting in low self-esteem and insufficient self-confidence.

The state of mind referred to for pancreatitis is represented by the essence C., in relation to the repression of anger in order to maintain a good self-image and not enter into conflict with others. Anger becomes self-destructive and can be rebalanced with the P essence. Ultimately, the L. essence can increase the low esteem and insufficient confidence that the subject has of himself.

PLEASE NOTE: This text is taken from the book Alternatively, we "work" like this, Eremon Edizioni, is private and protected by © Copyright.
Read and share this excerpt freely, taking care not to alter it in any of its parts, including the initial and final words. It is also permitted to transmit it only free of charge for information purposes and not for profit.

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