Garden furniture

The garden, a small corner of paradise where you can relax in peace, so why not furnish it to the best and make it unique? This column will be very useful and will provide you with lots of ideas on the various furniture to choose from, lighting, fountains, planters, vases and much more. You will also find a section dedicated to barbecue for lovers of grilling outdoors, but also advice and information on swimming pools and various garden games to make your children happy.

  • Garden furniture

    With the right garden furniture, enjoying the greenery of your home is undoubtedly more pleasant and the right outdoor furniture models are able to give a touch of finesse to our garden .... go to the garden furniture section

  • Outdoor accessories

    Outdoor accessories improve the quality of our time spent in the garden and even if they are often small things, the benefit they bring is always much higher than the price or size ... go to the Outdoor accessories section

  • Swimming pools

    Until a few years ago, having a swimming pool in the garden was a luxury reserved for a few people and undoubtedly it is still very expensive today. However, there are a lot of models of swimming pools that can satisfy the needs of all budgets and all spaces ... go to the pools section

  • Vases and planters

    The models of garden pots and planters are truly infinite and the materials with which the pots are made are many. Terracotta, resin, plastic, wood and concrete are just some of the materials used by those who produce vases .... go to the vases and planters section

  • Barbecue

    The barbecue is an indispensable object for those who have a garden. Think about how many barbecues and how many parties you can organize by having a small brick barbecue in the garden! There are models of all types and for all budgets, from portable to double masonry ones .... go to the barbecue section

  • Fountains

    The fountains are an indispensable element to put in the garden and have a dual function. In addition to serving as a water point, the fountains also have a strong ornamental value and are important to give a touch of class to the garden .... go to the fountains section

  • Gazebo

    The gazebo is often installed in the garden to have some shelter and not always be conditioned by the whims of the weather. A thunderstorm or a sudden shower in summer can in fact ruin our lunch or afternoon in the garden .... go to the gazebo section

  • Pergolas and garden sheds

    The pergolas and canopies are two garden elements that are installed to have a little extra protection from water and the sun in the area belonging to the house. There are all types and all materials, even if they are built especially in wood and iron .... go to the pergolas and garden sheds section

  • Garden sheds

    Many garden lovers install garden sheds to have a roof and four wooden walls inside which to put gardening tools, bicycles or other material that is convenient for convenience to leave outside the house .... go to the garden sheds section

  • Garden grills and windbreaks

    Used as dividers or as an element to improve privacy, removing prying eyes from your terrace or garden, the grills and windbreaks are versatile and easy to arrange elements, ideal for delimiting the spaces of your garden and the view from the outside. .. go to the garden grills and windbreaks section

  • Fences

    Fences are essential to delimit the garden or the entire property. The models and construction materials are many even if wood, iron and plastic are the elements that are the most popular .... go to the fences section

  • Gates

    In a villa or in any case in a single house the gate has a certain importance and a beautiful gate, placed at the entrance, is undoubtedly an excellent business card for those who come to our house and gives a particular effect depending on whether the choice is apt or not .... go to the gates section

  • Garden lighting

    Garden lighting is one of the most delicate aspects when it comes to garden design. Choosing the right lamps, the right lampposts and the right spotlights for the garden is not easy and it takes a lot of taste, style and experience .... go to the garden lighting section

  • Garden games

    To entertain the little ones in the garden it can be a nice idea to put garden games in your green space. Spring games, slides and swings are just some of the games that can be put in the garden if we want to recreate a small playground at home .... go to the garden games section

Rustic garden: features, ideas and tips

Native plants and flowers, wooden furniture and recycled materials, relaxation areas and a bucolic atmosphere: a rustic garden it has all the features to entertain, without requiring too much maintenance effort. Taking care of the design, however, is not an optional: from the creation of paths to the choice of furnishings and decorations, here are a series of ideas for creating an “easy” and relaxing garden.


Native plants and flowers, wooden furniture and recycled materials, relaxation areas and a bucolic atmosphere: a rustic garden it has all the features to entertain, without requiring too much maintenance effort. Taking care of the design, however, is not an optional: from the creation of paths to the choice of furnishings and decorations, here are a series of ideas for creating an “easy” and relaxing garden.

10 ideas for decorating a small garden

Let's start the engines of your creativity with 10 ideas for a fantastic little garden!

1. Garden border

One way to add personality to your garden is with a border. What is it about? It is an original solution useful for spacing the plants and flowers in the garden. Basically the borders of the garden are perimeter with a "border", which will usually be in wood or Stone. The border will give your garden a neater look and divide it into charming zones of color.

2. Vertical garden

The most creative solutions certainly arise from ingenuity. If the land available is lacking, no one will forbid us to develop our garden upwards. By fixing planters at different heights on the walls we will create a very green vertical garden.

3. Scenic bushes

Do you only have a small square of grass near the driveway? Don't despair! You will be able to plant spectacular bushes. The list of garden plants that will fulfill this role is very long. You could launch yourself on the fantastic colors of the echinacea, creating a glance that will not go unnoticed.

4. Dry Garden

Nature expresses itself in many forms. It is not always said to be green and lush. Among the ideas for a small garden there is also that of recreating a bare environment. You could sprinkle the ground with cobblestones and have some appear here and there fat plant. In addition to guaranteeing a certain scenic effect, the botanical composition will not require any particular care.

5. Kitchen in the open air

In a garden, vegetation is not necessarily the protagonist. If the surface isn't particularly wide, you could tile and make one barbecue area, where maybe even a nice gas cousin for outdoor use can be inserted. It will be inevitable the presence of a nice table where you can welcome your guests for summer barbecues!

6. Shaded area

What if the only green space available is in a shady area? Don't worry, even in this case there is a solution that is right for you! Some plants do not need to remain too exposed to the sun, on the contrary they prefer a shady and humid environment. Among these is the astilbe with its feather-shaped leaves in red, lilac and blue colors. Together with a nice umbrella or a gazebo you will build a perfect shelter for the hottest days!

7. A little water

When you have a tiny handkerchief of grass at your disposal, it is often impossible to venture into the sowing of some garden plant. Among the ideas for a small garden there is also this simple trick: a small strip of carefully cut grass on which to place a ornamental fountain. The water gives a feeling of freshness to the environment and gives it a personality of its own.

8. Terrace

We noted at the beginning of this article how important it is to optimize space. In a small garden one of the best ways is to create small terraces in which to sow different types of plants. During flowering, each layer will be characterized by its own color, livening up your little corner of nature!

9. Climbers

Do you have a very small garden, but are you lucky enough to have columns or a small porch? Great. There is no better occasion to focus on climbing plants. Among these, do not miss the blue-violet colors of the wisteria. But be careful: the climbers must always be kept under control. Their uncontrolled growth could cause damage to the house itself.

10. Small flower beds

Among the ideas for a small garden, one of the most classic is that of the flowerbed. By placing the plants at the right distance, you can recreate a mix of scents and colors in your handkerchief of grass. Tulips, roses, daffodils: the choice of the best flower to inebriate your spring is up to you!

A gallery to inspire you

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Garden furniture

the characteristics and origins of Japanese lanterns

the characteristics of inground pools

outdoor structures to shelter from the sun's rays

showers for the poolside or for summer cooling

a review of the most popular garden furniture styles

an outdoor structure as a shelter from bad weather

the wooden houses to be used as a storage room or as a guest room

the characteristics of garden carousel swings

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Guide to choosing classic garden furniture

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Guide to shabby chic garden furniture

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palm wood woven or simply worked

the material suitable for light and resistant furniture

the characteristics of outdoor wooden floors

The garden is a space that must be considered as an extension of the house. It is therefore not just a space of passage but a place that must be livable and welcoming. For this to be possible, it is obviously necessary to try to keep the garden well cared for with gardening works capable of keeping it healthy and beautiful, perhaps with a lush green lawn and some ad hoc ornamental plants.

But the garden is not just about plants. The garden is also a place that must be furnished with all the necessary furniture to spend excellent moments of absolute realx or to organize parties, lunches and dinners with friends and relatives. So the garden comes alive with seats of all types from classic chairs to armchairs and sofas. There are actually many other seats for the garden such as those designed specifically for the poolside such as beach chairs, sun loungers and deck chairs or hammocks and benches designed for moments of rest. The garden furniture also includes the presence of tables and coffee tables.

There are also all those accessories capable of making an open space aesthetically more beautiful and undoubtedly more functional. The barbecues for cooking grilled food, the swing and garden games for the delight of children but also of adults and dog beds are practical accessories but at the same time real pieces of furniture. Thanks to pots and planters, the gardens can light up with plants that cannot be planted. In addition, sculptures and fountains embellish the garden with their slightly retro look.

The swimming pool is no longer an item that few people can afford. There are many models of different sizes to adapt to the space you have available and there are many prices to suit all budgets. There are many accessories that swimming pools can be equipped with, first of all outdoor showers of course.

All these furniture can be placed directly on the lawn or they can be placed under the appropriate covers such as pergolas, tents, umbrellas and gazebos. In many cases it is also possible to create covered spaces for cars thanks to the special garages and for various types of objects with wooden houses that can even turn into a real room for guests or for hobbies.

Some parts of the garden may need to be paved and obviously there are many fences among which you can choose to delimit the territory but one of the things that absolutely must not be forgotten are the lights. It is useless to organize a party on a summer evening if you do not have the right lighting capable of creating the desired atmosphere.

Each piece of furniture and cover for the garden can obviously be made with many different materials. Depending on the materials used and the shape of the furniture chosen, it is obviously possible to obtain different furnishing styles that must be chosen according to one's own aesthetic taste but also by seeking the right continuity both with the garden furniture style and with the type of home.

The specialized shops for the purchase of garden furniture are really many and for all budgets. For example there is Ikea which provides elegant and economical solutions, with a splendid design. Or Brico Center which, in addition to hobby and carpentry items, offers many solutions for furnishing outdoor spaces. Another solution could be Leroy Merlin which offers a very wide choice of furnishings, accessories and accessories for the garden. If, on the other hand, we prefer to make online purchases, to receive the furnishings directly at home, and also to save money, the first choice will certainly fall on Amazon, with its immense catalog of products of all kinds.

How to design it?

Do you want to realize the conditions for a rustic garden that is always lush and captivating? To achieve this you will need to focus on some fundamental aspects: the soil preparation, the choice of plants, coverings and furnishings. Providing immediately the presence of a practical and accessible water point: for this purpose you can install one column fountain or on a stone or conglomerate wall, even better if decorated. Without neglecting the possibility of creating a drip irrigation system, to wet the garden in summer by limiting water consumption.

The best plants

When it comes to gardening, not all experiments are successful: it is inevitable that some plants perform better than others and that, over time, it is necessary to replace the specimens that have struggled to adapt. Better to start on the right foot: that is, choose preferably local varieties or otherwise indicated for climatic conditions and specific exposure. In addition to checking the rusticity of a plant - that is, the range of temperatures it can withstand - always check its needs in terms of soil: if necessary, "correct" it with peat, gravel, compost and all that can help plants to "perform" better.

Undoubtedly, some species show great adaptability in various contexts: often, to understand which ones they are, just take a look at the surrounding gardens. Shrubs such as rosemary andabelia grandiflora they offer great reliability, without requiring special care and attention. As for trees of varying size, among the most interesting options are the strawberry tree and the pomegranate and, in terms of vines, honeysuckle or jasmine, to be supported with arches, decorative lattices or pergolas. Without giving up on wildflowers: daisies, cosmos and poppies are all great options. To create a border along the driveway, or to delimit the dining area, you can also use lavender which forms a colorful and fragrant mass. Finally, to help the plants resist in the winter, cover the roots with a layer of mulch made with chopped leaves, bark or twigs.

The most suitable furniture

The rustic garden loves, by definition, furnishings with a lived-in look, even better if made with recycled materials. Among the most suitable is undoubtedly the wood, taking care to choose impregnated tables and chairs and planters treated in an autoclave: alternatively, you can buy raw wood furniture and impregnate them with the appropriate paints. Or, focus on the finest products, such as tables and benches in teak solid or recycled which ensure greater durability over time.

Another solution is garden furniture in wrought iron, like the sets made up of chairs and coffee table with metal structure and mosaic decoration. In any case, try to avoid too modern furnishings so as not to create an excessive contrast with the "naive" atmosphere of the garden. If you wish, you can make a small one barbecue near the dining area. Furthermore, the ideal is to have a large pergola where you can shelter from the sun's rays by taking advantage of a vigorous vine, such as a vine or a wisteria.

The decorations

Also with regard to decorations, focus on objects and accessories in a "vintage" style. A wooden wheelbarrow, for example, can become a magnificent planter in which to set up colorful flower arrangements. Even the woven baskets and i zinc effect basins are perfect for holding vases: to achieve an even more fascinating effect, you can assemble a small collection of containers under the pergola, or display them on ametal etagere with antique effect.

Do not underestimate the ornamental value of the flooring: stoneware and natural stone they are perfect for the rustic garden. As well as the giant slabs to be positioned slightly spaced: in this way, the grass between the stones will create the ideal set for your relaxation area set up with swings and armchairs. It is also a very good solution to create walkways and paths, perhaps surrounded by borders and tufts of aromatic herbs. Even the tiles in tuff they are an interesting option for creating flower beds and dividing the different areas of the garden.

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